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Selling Your Photos Online
How To Make Money - Get Free Exposure

There are a variety of websites online where you can showcase your images for exposure. and for making money. On this page you can read about the most popular stock imagery websites, social websites where you can get some free exposure; and websites that offer a 'sell-them-yourself' integration module for your own online photography store.

Social Websites -Free Exposure, Sell Images

At yummly you can get free exposure for your photographs. Yummly is ideal if you enjoy photographing food and have a website or blog where you post your recipes.

To use yummly you need only post their YUM button on each recipe page next to your recipe image. Their website crawler gathers the image and the recipe details, and is shown at the yummly website. When someone clicks for more info on a particular recipe from their website; they are sent to your website for additional info on the recipe. Also the more user clicks on your YUM buttons, the more relevant your recipe becomes in their search results.

Yummly is a social website and free to join. They have about 12 million monthly users.

At 500px you can get free exposure and sell your images. 500px is a social website, where you can showcase your finest images, browse images submitted by all members; and if you like, sell your images in their marketplace.

500px is free to join and post your images. All new images are posted to the Fresh category; where fellow photographers from around the world view your photos and can add likes and comments to them. The more Likes your photo gets; the more recognition with these categories; Upcoming, and Popular. And, there is also the Editorial category; photos in this category are selected by the 500px reviewers.

My Profile at 500px - Showcase Your Images

In addition to the free plan, there are paid plans available; Awesome $21yr, Pro $59yr, and Pro+ $239yr. All include a directory listing and unlimited image posting to the 500px database. The Pro+ allows you to host your own website, and price your images as you like.

Halifax Nova Scotia, Bridge View
Selling Images in Their Marketplace

All plans allow for selling your images at the marketplace; including the free plan. You submit your best photos; they are reviewed by the editorial team, and then added to the marketplace. The criteria for getting your images accepted for sale at the marketplace, is similar to 'image stock' websites. Their editors review your photos to ensure they comply with their submission guidelines.

500px has standard prices for the various image sizes; and you make a percentage of each image sold. Exclusive content is paid at 60%, non exclusive is paid at 30%.

Posting Images to The Public Forum- Free Plan

Free plan members can post 7 images per week; paid plan members can post unlimited images per week. Each new photo goes into the 'fresh' category; and then on to Upcoming, and Popular. You can also follow photographers, similar to Twitter.

Photo Contests

500px has ongoing 'photo competitions', with prizes awarded to the winner of each. Each competition denotes a theme; includes inspirational photos, and, the submitted photos from the contestants. The winner`s name is posted at the end of the contest.
Prizes can include money and products. Paid members are eligible for all contests, and free members can participate in some contests.

500px has about 11 million members worldwide.

Additional Reading:
Selling your photos on their marketplace - read
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Websites That Allow You To Sell Images Yourself

With On Demand Print Services

This type of service is ideal if you want to sell your images from your own online photography store; and offer customers on demand printing and features such as ecards, and coupons.

At, you can choose one of three plans to host your images and sell them online. Each plan allows you to create a customized website, with social integration and customer support. With the Pro plan you can promote your own branding, and the Advance Plan includes client proofing tools. Plan pricing starts at $7 per month. Read about plan features here

Fotomoto features an e-commerce widget that you add to your website to sell your images.
Fotomoto has three plans to choose from; including a free plan. The free plan charges a 22% transaction rate for images you sell, while the paid plans charge less because they charge you a monthly fee as well.

View fotomoto pricing and plans here

Some fotomoto features include offering free ecards, product review, and coupons. View all fotomoto features.

Stock Imagery Websites

Stock imagery websites are the most popular method used by photographers to sell their photos online. You can join all of them, or join just one if you want to sell your photos exclusively. Being an exclusive member means you make more money from each photo you sell, however, your photos must be sold only at that one particular photography website. Each website has their own criteria for photo submissions; and once your photos are accepted and you are a member, you can submit photos as often as you like.
Most of the stock imagery websites also accept videos; and a few accept music and editorial content.


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Read Contributor Submission Guidelines

Their Stats:

1 million customers in 150 countries
has paid over $500 million to their contributors
100 million of stock images, including;
vectors, illustrations, icons, footage, and music(mp3s)
available in 20 languages, accepts 9 currencies,

To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword
Search by keyword
Free content weekly with an email subscribe
Shutterstock App(Android 4)

Programs To Make Money

Contributor and Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program, can earn commissions for sales resulting from clicks on banners from your websites

Photo Contributors Program, can submit your own images, videos, music, and editorial content, and earn money when someone buys one of your submitted images, videos, or music.


Contributors-signup online form,
Also available:
contributor forum, mobile app,

Guidelines For Submitting Your Photos

Initially, submit 10 photos for review,(7must be approved) upload within your online account.

Requirements For Submitting Your Content


jpeg or tiff format,
Images need to be at least: 4(megaPixels) Examples: 2000x2000mp is 4 MegaPixel and,
2000 x 2400 pixels equal 4.8 Megapixels, and,
1200 x 3000 pixels equal 3.6 Megapixels.
Photos Reviewed Time: 3 to 10 days. Once approved online for sale, usually within 72hrs.

For Video Clips: clips need to be 5 and 60 secs length; 4gb limit, in .mov format. Preferred formats are HD, 4K, but all accepted.

Can submit 5 tracks, mp3 format, 15mb limit, track length 2.3 to 3 mins Review time frame: can be 2 months

What You Can Earn:

For Contributor Program:

For Images, Vectors, Illustrations
Earn: .25 to .38,(subscriber image),
.81 to 1.24 (on demand image sm,med),
1.88 to 2.85 (on demand any),

For video clips; 30%

For contributors you refer; .04 per each of their images(for 2yr); and
.10 per each their clips sold(for 1 yr),
if you refer new customer;
receive 20% their first order to $200 limit.

Payments are processed once per month with either of: paypal, skrill, or cheque.

For Affiliate Program:
20% commission,signup form online,payout to bank or paypal,
For promo materials
api integration, banners in var languages,has about 2500 affiliates in 100 countries,

Help Guides
Submitting 'Photos' guide.
Submitting ' Editorial Content' guide
Submitting 'Vector Illustrations' guide
Submitting 'Illustrations' guide
Contributor 'Success Guide'
'Protect Your Content guide' free, must provide your email to download at their website

To Buy Photos At Their Website:

Create Free Account to Purchase Images

Plans subscriptions-Basic Pro Team
Basic - $30 to 230 - 2, 5 or 25 images
Pro, $200 - 350 images month
$250- 750 images month
Team $400-600, 750 images, with team members allowed
Images for merchandise for sale - $200-$1600 for 2, 5, 25 images
from $30 to$600,To Print Larger Audiences and to sell Merchandise License $200 to $1600


At Shutterstock, you can submit 10 images, when you first apply as a contributor. If 7 of the images are acceptable, then you are able to upload additional images, and your a contributor. If however, your images are not accepted (7 need to be approved) then you must re apply, at a later time- usually 30 day time frame.

When submitting images - Resize your ten images to 4 megapixels. This is the minimum Shutterstock size accepted. A larger sized image doesn't make you any additional money; and, resizing your images will make them appear sharper with less grain and noise.

Do not submit images of popular subjects when first applying; you could get rejected because they have enough of these types of images already. Once your accepted and a contributor, you can submit any images you like. Do use images of: nature, landscapes, and, animals. If animals, no top of head shots; take photo at their level. And, leave space in photos for 'copyspace'.

Once your a contributor; upload images on a consistent basis,(you can upload as often as you like) as this helps to keep you ranked in the search results.

You can also include some vectors and illustrations (vector or just bitmap) with photos, when first applying for contributor. EPS format files with size of 15mb(not greater than)

Halifax Yacht Club, Early Monring Photo


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Read Contributor Submission Guidelines
Read Contributor FAQs

Their Stats:
1.5 million customers in 200 countries
80 million images and illustrations
50,000 hours of stock film footage

To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword
Getty Images App(Android 4.4)

Programs To Make Money

Contributor and Affiliate Programs

Contributor Program: submit your images, videos , music to sell.

Affiliate Program: payout 10 to 20 % for gettyimages and istockphotos, payout 6%

Your submissions will be considered for both getty images and istockphotos, both of their websites

Guidelines For Submitting Your Photos

REVIEW TIME FRAME; can be to 30 days, if accepted email invitation sent to continue enrolment process
recommend cameras not be point and shoots,recommend DSLR camera shoot with raw mode
Register for free to submit your work or link to your photos , take photo quiz, can also submit to contests and competitions

Requirements For Submitting Your Content

Photo and illustration files should be in JPEG format and sized no larger than 3GB

To submit your content: Images - Submit Your Content
Music submit 2 tracks create free account if accepted they offer 1yr contract
All music submitted must be broadcast quality, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files.
MP3s will be rejected.
To submit your content: Music - Submit Your Content
Videos can submit 15-20 for review mov format
Video samples must be in .MOV format with a maximum size of 3GB.
To successfully submit,they require finished HD QuickTime movies in the Apple Pro Res HQ 422 or Photo-Jpeg codecs to be uploaded to their online portal.
They accept content captured on 4k (ultra high definition), high definition, or on film and transferred to high definition.
To submit your content: Video - Submit Your Content

What You Can Earn

Contributors - images 20% commission
Affiliate Programs- payout 10 to 20 % for gettyimages and istockphotos, payout 6%

To Buy Photos At Their Website

Can purchase individually or subscription
Low Medium or High res price varies and also size xs s med large
Price ranges from $50 to $10,000 for single image


Your submissions will be considered for both getty images and istockphotos, both of their websites
If you apply to both or one of their websites, Getty Images, or IStockPhoto, you could receive an invitation to one only or not the one you applied to.
MUST Sign 1 yr contract for images or music
invitations contain a specialized enrollment link that expires within 60 days of receipt.
Getty images has ongoing competitions for photos and contests; submit to these. Register online at their website for free; submit some images. Unlike other photo websites; at Getty Images; you must be invited to join.

Embedded Getty Images Viewer
You can also use Getty Images on your website or social platforms for FREE. The website cannot be a commercial website. You do not make money from the images sold, The photographer who owns the images, however, would make money. Great ideal for a travel website, or personal blog. Images are available from several categories, including: travel, sports, entertainment.

From the Getty website:
"Freely access over 66 million images to create stunning non-commercial websites and blogs.
Update your imagery as often as you like using our vast, comprehensive collection"(3)

You may embed Getty Images Content on a website, blog or social media platform. All images are not available for 'Getty Images Embedded viewer'.

" You may only use embedded Getty Images Content for editorial purposesj,
(meaning relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest).
Embedded Getty Images Content may not be used: (a) for any commercial purpose"(1)


OWNED BY gettyimages
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Their Stats
To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword
iStockPhoto App(Android 4.4)

Programs To Make Money:

Contributor Program - sell your photos, illustrations, video

Requirements For Submitting Your Content


must take online photo quiz;
submit 3 of your photos for them to review,
Image size min 1600x1200 pixels, must be jpg format,
15% or to 45% for exclusive content only

must take the video online quiz;
IStockPhoto accepts standard and high-definition recordings;
Better payouts with HD videos,
Videos: .MOV files, no larger than 3GB

What You Can Earn

Non-exclusive contributor royalty rates for are:
15% for photo,
20% for illustration
20% for video
Exclusive contributors can earn up to 45%.
Payout Amounts
Payments Processed By PayPal or Payoneer.

selling on istockphoto can also help to your photos at getty images


buy photos with credits or subscription plans
can choose any file size with any of the plans or subscriptions
cheapest is 1 credit is $13,
$ 36 is 3 credits any photo or buy a subscription cheapest is one month $40 10 photos essentials collection,
to $200 250 images essentials collections,
or can buy for $100 10 images any photo to $400 250 images month any photo


Signup For Account Free

Contributor Submission Guidelines
Their Stats:

More than 2.5 million royalty-free creative images
Weekly Free high resolution images (must create free account)

To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword

Programs To Make Money

Contributor and Affiliate Programs

Contributor Program Sell Your Images : Signup form;

Read contributor guidelines, then you can start submitting your photos for review.

Note that if all images in your initial submission are rejected you will not be able to submit again.
currently review time frame is weeks to months
New artists are restricted to uploading 10 images per week.
Upload limits are frequently adjusted and depend on your approval rate.

Requirements For Submitting Images

6 megapizel pic size but prefer 12 megapixels
min 10 keywords per image
can use images already submitted at other photgraphy sites

recommend dslr camera shoot in raw format, or use highest res on point and shoot
and do not save often,(as doing so diminishes the quality of the res of the photo) for this reason, if need be, save in tiff, then final save save as jpg
dont scale up your images this results in loss of res quality
no waterwarks or writing on images submitted.

What You Can Earn

Affiliate commissions are combined with royalties from image sales,
meaning more frequent payouts if you're also a Crestock image contributor, and also an affiliate.

For Contributors
.25 to .40 cents per downloaded image or 20% to 40% per image if subscription
payout at $50 accured, paid with paypal/skrill
10 images per week allowed to submit

For affiliates:

Referring new customers or contributors;
25% of sales FOR 6 months of new customer,
10% of sales for 6 months of new contributor,
Affiliate Create Account

Guides For Contributors

Image Upload Guide Image Upload Guide
Adding Keywords Guide Keywords Guide
Model and Property Release Guide Model, Property Release Guide

For buying photos:
2.5 million images avail
can buy credits, subscription or buy individually


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Contributor Submission Guidelines

Their Stats:

55 million stock photos, videos, and vectors.
Owned by shutter stock,

To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword
Search by keyword

Programs To Make Money

Contributor Program

Requirements For Submitting Your Content


Can submit photographs, jpg illustrations, raster illustrations, and vectors.
Images must be uploaded as jpg, don't upload tiff, psd, or raw formats.
Must be min 800px, preferred 2500px.
Make sure submitted images are:
sharp focus, free of artifacting, noise, scratches and dust.

Images Guidelines
Dos and Do Nots for Image Submissions
Public Domain Images
Editorial Content

What You Can Earn

Payouts, for credits.per images size ,50 to 3.00 per download,
For subscription .25 to .38 per download
Ext lcs image, 25.00 paid
Payout Amounts
Min payout amt, $30 paid weekly if accrued Payment with, PayPal/moneybookers/skill or USA check

To Buy Images

Buy images with credits or subscription,
Cheapest, 10 credits for $35, use them within 1 year,
500 credits for $495. Use them within 1 year,

Also daily and monthly download plans, and video plans, from $79


At BigStockPhoto, for submitting your first images: Quoted from their website,
"Select ten of your best images, illustrations or vector files to submit. Your content will be reviewed for technical quality, commercial viability, accurate titles, descriptions, and keywords, and the appropriateness for the Bigstock collection"

The first time a contributor uploads images, there is a limit of 10 images that can be in the review queue. As your approval rate increases, you are allowed to upload more images. If your approval rate drops the number of images you can upload also drops."(2)

Buying Images - Free Trial
BigStockPhoto has a free 7 day trial: during the 7 days, you can download 35 videos for free, and 35 stock images for free as well. You do need to add a payment method for the free trial, and after the free trials expires; they will activate a subscription plan with the payment method you gave them. If you don't want the paid plan, just cancel your free account prior to the end of the free trial.


Signup for Account Free

Contributor Submission Guidelines
Their Stats:

100 millon photos,
stock photos, videos, vectors, illustrations and Live News

To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword
Search by keyword

Programs To Make Money

Contributor Program and Affiliate Program

Requirements For Submitting Your Content

A camera with a minimum of 6 mega pixels,(preferably a dslr camera)


submit images in JPEG format,
minimum image size is 4mb,
submit all types of images
initially submit 3 photos,
review time frame usually day to days
email sent if they don't like your photos
after first photos sent and approved you can submit as many as you like

Live News

submit image within 24 hrs of news event;

What You Can Earn


You make 50% of each sale of images, payment each month is you made $50, payment with paypal/skrill or bank account

Affiliates earn 20% of each sale made, 30 day referral cookie.

No signup necessary, however doing so can download prev purchases Prices from 19.99 to 200

Signup for Account Free

Contributor Submission Guidelines

Their Stats:

84 Million Stock Images, Vectors, Footage and Audio Clips
12,000,000 users
300,000 contributors

To Search Photos:

Browse by category
Browse by keyword
Search by keyword

Programs To Make Money

Contributor Program
Affiliate Program

Requirements For Submitting Your Content


minimum 6 megapixels camera.
JPEG Images must not bigger than 20MB.
must only be in JPEG file and in minimum 80% quality compression.
Images Guide

Editorial Content
Editorial Guide

Stock Illustrations
Illustrations Guide

Video Content
Video Guide

Audio, Sound Effects and Music

Accepted audio formats, quality:
Mono / Stereo MP3 (320 kbps, 44.1kHz)
Mono / Stereo WAV (16-bit 44.1kHz)
Mono / Stereo AIFF
Music, Sound Guide

What You Can Earn


30-60%, depends on contributor level

Payout Guide
Payout Guide

Paid by Paypal, MoneyBookers or checks.
Min Paypal = $50, MoneyBookers = $100, checks = $200
Payment by the 15th of the month


Get 25% on their first purchase

Articles For Learning Photography
Free Tutorials

To Buy Images

On Demand - Standard Images, Editorial Images, EVO, Vectors, TIFF, Footage, Audio
Starting at $55 - 40 credits

Subscription - Standard Images, Editorial Images, Vectors
$169 month, 150 images -5 per day

Download Pack - Standard Images, Editorial Images, Vectors
$55 - 5 images, download anytime

At 123rf, you can get weekly free images if you signup at their website. It is free to join.

Vege Sandwich Photo
Nikon L32

Getting Your Photos Accepted

Tips For Success At All Photo Websites

crop photos to lowest resolution accepted at a particular photo site,
make photo size at least 4mega pixel(2000x2000),
shoot in raw or high resolution jpeg,
view at limit for noise in photos,

don't submit same photos with different perspective,
make sure your images look good as small(thumbnails),
don't scale image to a larger size,
do scale to smaller size, the miniumum accepted mb of the photography site,
don't crop entire photo, leave space for text 'copyspace',
no shadows,
no trademarks, logos, brandnames in images,

use white background for some images,
make your images sharp and focused,

do submit images of;
computers. and,
capturing an idea, emotion,
showing emotions, like; happiness, sad,

use appropriate keywords, this leads to more searches, and sales,

if person or property in photo; submit model or property releases,

upload process:
provide description and keywords for each image you upload. Select your keywords carefully as this is how users find your images; make sure keywords are most relevant to your image.
do read the submission guidelines for the stock imagery website your submitting to.

Web Article Making Illustrations

To Tutorials:
Digital Photography Tutorials - Point and Shoot Cameras

(1) Quoted from: Getty Images Terms for Embedded Viewer -
(2) Quoted from BigStockPhoto Website: